SQLBIConfessions – What Inspired Me To Start This Blog

17 09 2009

I have been working in the areas of SQL Server Business Intelligence technologies for the past 6 years. When I have started working on this specialization, SQL Server 2000 veresion was there in the market. I really impressed with the end –  end implementation of Datawarehosuing by using SQL Server BI. At that time Microsoft was the only vendor who provides the end-end tools for a typical datawarehosuing implementation.

In my day-day project execution I need to work on many issues/concepts which are related to SQL BI arena. I search the internet to get the information required for my work arounds and in that process I may encounter many new features, tools and tricks etc. While I am searching for any specific feature or issue or something I end up in not getting the end-end concept for that in most of the cases.This situation has inspired me to start posting end-end implementation of the features those I am well aware of or come across in my proejct execution

I would like to share all these things to the people who are on the same board like me. This blog does not give the information about how to create sample report, package or cube etc in SSRS, SSIS ans SSAS respectively (ofcourse many blogs and books are there in the market to solve that purpose). It touches any concept which is related with SQL BI from front end business tools to typlical inter-platform integrations with Microsoft Dynamics, MOSS, SAP netweaver etc. It is strcikley for the people who are already wet their hands with SQL BI related technologies. Anypost in this blog gives the end-end knowledge with respect to that feature/issue etc.

People are highly encouraged to give suggestions/comments on my blog.